August 26, 2013

Monday posting

Okay sorry no EPP update...  I did do some last week.  But that's on the back burner now.. Lol

But I did finish Deirdre's July Block.. An improv on Klimt's "Kiss".

Ha at first I thought she wanted us to duplicate the block in some form.  So I began there and then re-read the instructions and realized she wanted us to make something that inspired us.

I had a number if thoughts and ideas.  I noticed that other bee folks focused on the Mondrian type style.  I was drawn to the circles..  Probably because Emily's August block was all about circles.  So I went on this portion of the picture.

So I began my uncircular circles... I did not want them to be proper and round because that is not how I saw the image I has in mind.

I freaked out and reached out to Deirdre to ensure that she would like my block, prior to my hand appliqué work.  Lol.  Fortunately, she did.  Here is my finished block.  note I had intended on making the block circular-ish.  However I decided to leave that up to the Queen bee.  Smiles

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