August 22, 2013

New techniques - new for me

So my bee block for August was circles galore.  I did a search and found a technique from HGTV... On how to make circles with freezer paper etc. Video: 

Here is my attempt... Caveat: I believe it was designed for individual circles and not the multitude that I created from one freezer paper sheet... But it was not too bad.  I had to cover up some treats with Misty Fuse and another circle lol...

I hope Emily likes it...

 All of my circles drawn and cut out from the freezer paper and ironed on to my background fabric.

The right side up, cut out...

The wrong side clipped and glued down as per the instructions.  The other fabric is placed over this with some glue.. This is why I believe it was intended for one at a time.. It got a bit crowded and messy.

 You are suppose to remove the freezer paper once you attach the color square... It plops out (allegedly) lol.  And then you see around the edge on the wrong side.. The spokes are glued to the colored circle and you stitch around.

I had to top stitch some.. Anyway here is my final.

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