March 31, 2012

Buffalo quilt shop

Well since I missed my NYC Metro Mod meeting since I am in Buffalo with the NYS Bar, I had to find a shop or two.

We first went to elmwood village fabric shop where I spotted Kim's kids.

Then off to the second. As I stand in the second shop "Pine Grove Quilt Shop" in Kenmore, NY I am surrounded by one of the largest selections of civil war era fabric reproductions. Needless to say I am smitten. With my new found historical obsession of fabric history I am in heaven.

Mary is cutting our goodies. Karla is in her bright yellow and batik section.

So here are some pics.

March 29, 2012

Finger pressed by David

While enjoying a lovely birthday lunch, (Happy Birthday to the Queen Bumblebeans) we were discussing all things quilts. I am surrounded by some of the whose who in quilts, hoodie, Melanie, Luke, mark, etc and all of the friends of V and NYC Metro Mod lovelies. And the subject of quilt terms came up.

David just discovered the finger press and felting. His name is David and he enjoys Finger Pressing. The little collection (andrea) asked If he finger presses in solitude or with others. Luke wants to know if he Felt for it.

With a bit of Lipinski nip slip it has proved to be a very enjoyable lunch.

March 20, 2012

Wonky wacky star cabin

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first Quilt Bee. It's amazing that we have already zoomed through 11 months. It has been a lovely, fun, inspiring, and challenging year. The block ideas has been fantastic, with it's originality focus and variety. Thanks to all my NYC Metro Mod Bee folks.

So Carole here is a wonky star block with a wacky cabin. I can't wait to see the finished product.

March 12, 2012

Sunday Night Zag

Ah what a most enjoyable weekend. Sunday after book club I decided to take an hour and put things away. Lol that was a joke. As I walked inside I was instantly overwhelmed and decided to focus on my foyer. So an hour later, I shredded and threw away magazines etc. so it is a much neater entry way, again. Smiles

Then I looked at my Dresdens. Wasn't sure what to do, how to attach them. Should i fuse, baste, hand appliqué. I couldn't decided, so I played words with friends, surfed for tutorials, and then I just jumped in.

My babylock was my machine of choice. Some practice fabric and the zig zag began.

I must say, even with some of the fudging I had to do, I am pleased with the results and realized how much I enjoy my machines. I also must say that I loved the $4 "cedar" connecting thread (500 yds) with its satin finish.

March 11, 2012

Freestyle Friday and Appliqué Saturday

Friday I went home and pulled out fabric. I played with my New Orleans fabric and created a very gaudy quilt top. Funny at first I really really disliked it. Then it kinda grew on me. So we shall see.

Yeah. I had a wonderful Saturday afternoon, hung out with V and Kim. Picked up some yummy good from my face City Quilt shop. It's funny when you shop with friends and you ask one another for ideas, thoughts and suggestions. I received a "don't you want some yellow".... Lol translation, your just going with those colors. Hahaha and yes I ended up with yellow and it was an excellent idea.

Then off to Vs for some convo and stitching. Kim provided the most amazing applique tips from "Becky". (she took a class with Becky goldsmith - piece of cake). I must say it totally improved my appliqué block that I was working on. It also provided V with perfect star points on her oh so amazing appliqué project.

Dare I try my hand at one. It most certainly won't be a king. Lol

March 8, 2012

Calico Dresden From the 1970s

Happy Thursday everyone,

Remember my eBay obsession. Well this was one of them. I found a kit from the company Yours Truly, inc in GA and it had all of these oddly yummy calico prints precut Dresden pieces and the original pattern to boot.

In my usual Encyclopedia fashion I wanted to know if this company from the 1970s still existed. There was an actual copyright year on the pattern. After some googling and digging, I had discovered thy it was a pattern from Marti Mitchell. She actually is at the same address. Smiles

As with most items, I played initially then away it went. So I pulled them out and am almost done with it and ready to attach it to some fabric. They are mostly browns and orange and tans and light hints of green.  For some reason they don't look the same. 

I will post some completed blocks soon. But welcome to my sudden fascination with Dresden plates. Never thought I would seek them out. Lol

March 3, 2012

Mes Amis Quilt Shop, New Orleans

I am here with Denise, the lovely owner of Mes Amis Quilt Shop in New Orleans. They are fabulous here. We are having a wonderful time.

They have the greatest selection of Mardi GRAS themed fabric. They also got in the latest line of Michael Miller stuff. Love it. See the damage I did.

I have also unleashed the girls and promised them bags with their pattern and fabric selection. They just have to cut out the pieces.