March 11, 2012

Freestyle Friday and Appliqué Saturday

Friday I went home and pulled out fabric. I played with my New Orleans fabric and created a very gaudy quilt top. Funny at first I really really disliked it. Then it kinda grew on me. So we shall see.

Yeah. I had a wonderful Saturday afternoon, hung out with V and Kim. Picked up some yummy good from my face City Quilt shop. It's funny when you shop with friends and you ask one another for ideas, thoughts and suggestions. I received a "don't you want some yellow".... Lol translation, your just going with those colors. Hahaha and yes I ended up with yellow and it was an excellent idea.

Then off to Vs for some convo and stitching. Kim provided the most amazing applique tips from "Becky". (she took a class with Becky goldsmith - piece of cake). I must say it totally improved my appliqué block that I was working on. It also provided V with perfect star points on her oh so amazing appliqué project.

Dare I try my hand at one. It most certainly won't be a king. Lol

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