January 27, 2011

Bootcamping in a Winter Wonderland

 I headed out early this morning to enjoy the fresh snow.  Yes, it was a nice balmy 32 degrees, the snow was piled high...So a High Knee workout was in effect.  Stacy wanted us to have 15 pounds today.  Little did she know the snow would have arrived.  So it was an extra work out.  As I walked along to meet my fellow boot campers, I was pleased at the tranquility of the city.  There were no buses, a few cars, and people just starting to get moving and figure out their plans for transportation.  It is always a quiet time in the city, before the dirty slushy stuff takes over...so come with me on my morning trek.

Stacy was there, in her office, waiting patiently for us to arrive.  She had an earlier client that showed up for their session.  So yes, she waits for us in our office from the wee hours of the morning as she has earlier sessions and/or clients.

Stacy B.  http://www.stacysbootcamp.com/

106th and Central Park West at 7:15 am

I must say that there is something to be said about a great instructor, great bootcampers, and the beauty of the outdoors.  It gets you going in the morning.  It was a wonderful work out.  We lost our weights in the snow periodically, but it reminded me of what we miss being adults.  I remember as a kid, it would snow and we would race outside and stay there all day long.  Occassionally coming in for a cup of Hot cocoa, a sandwich or a bowl of soup.  Only to race back outside with glee.  Running, jumping, tumbling, and enjoying the snow.  I was a kid again this morning, as we blazed the trail through the park leaving our prints behind.

As I headed back, after making tracks, playing with dogs, running, jump squatting, leg lifting...this is what I saw.

I love the Snow...

January 18, 2011

Breathing In....

At the end of 2010 I Exhaled....to allow the New Year to begin.  So I am breathing IN.   I am sooo excited (So many wonderful things going on...However you will have to stay tuned as I will chat more after next week when much of the past two and upcoming weeks festivities have slowed down and my quilting buddy returns home to the upper regions of New York (she will be here next week -- yippee). 

I am looking forward to my quilting time that has been on hold for a bit.  However, there is inspiration everywhere....so I am even more inspired to create..

So I thought I would show you a snapshot of my Morning bootcamp world.

Two to Three Days a Week I enter the park for an hour of strength training and cardio exercise, with the worlds greatest bootcamp instructor...Stacy .  This was the view yesterday....and today, snow, ice, sleet and all...we headed to Bethesda fountain and this is what i knee lifted, and pushed up to...smiles...Perhaps I shall create a quilt that features all of the wonders that I see in Central Park in the mornings.

One part of the ceiling at the fountain.

Today I discovered that this was on the walls surrounding the structure.  Incredible..Its funny what you don't notice, and we have been there a number of times since the summer.

January 12, 2011

Teachers Talk Back (Bronx AA History Project)

Here is the new Teachers Talk Back video featuring veteran social studies teacher Candace Sparks, produced by Bronx AA History Project videographer and documentary
film maker Dawn Russell

In this video, Ms. Sparks shares her insights derived from 25 years of teaching in Brooklyn High Schools, including her thoughts on school closings, charter schools, alternative 
certification programs, and the important role of veteran teachers in helping new teachers get acclimated

Please pass this video on if you think it is helpful to teachers and teacher advocates.

My mother is the film maker..."Bongodawnproductions".  The teacher is my Aunt (father's sister..smiles)...Very informative...

January 9, 2011

A Birthday Gift for my Munchkin.

It is completed, just in the knick of time.  The party was today...and I hope she enjoys it.  This was a special request from my dearest niece.  Traditionally, that is for the last 6 years of her life prior to this one, her seventh, I have knitted her something for her birthday.  This year would be different.  Earlier last year, we had a conversation and originally she asked at the age of 3, if I would make her (knit her) something every year for her birthday, until she was atleast 17.  Now of course to a 3 year old that seems a very long time.

Anyway, last year I realized that she would also be getting bigger, so I would be knitting longer.  And the conversation was had.  She agreed to allow me to make her anything I wanted, provided that I made it.  It also seems the time frame has extended...sort of to a forever status..smiles.  Her request was that it have light pink, dark pink, orange, "oh yeah and some blue" and a PEACE sign.

I originally planned to use the letters of her name.  However, on New Years Day we were walking from dinner and we had a discussion of her favorite letters, because her younger sister likes the letter M.  (Coincidentally, its the first letter of my brother's name.)  So, AJ said her favorites were A (because of her name), Y (because it is the last letter of her name, it sounds like an E and is also a sometimes vowel), S (for her mom and younger sisters name), and M for her daddy.  So Viola....

This is what I did.  She should have been opening her gifts today when she got home.  I can't wait for the verdict...

January 3, 2011

Process Pledge

I, ________________, pledge to talk more about my processes, even when I can’t quite put them in the in words or be sure I’m being totally clear.   I’m going to put my thinking and my gut feelings out there. 

It is very interesting to think about the how...and then I stumbled on Rossie's process pledge...So I like the idea...the hows and whys and not so much see whats done...cool concept...so lets document our processes...

Queen BumbleBeans Intution Quilt..asks for a documentation of why you made your choices etc.  I like this...it helps to learn and tap into your GGI.

As for current process.  I am enjoying the design on a whim concept.  As someone that has never been good at following patterns, it is great to just cut and sew and see what occurs.  I will be able to get a few charity quilts done in this manner.  I still enjoy the art quilt process, but I think this will help to hone many techniques that i need to feel confident in the art quilt realm.  Stay tuned...with cocktails and thread in hand...smiles.

January 1, 2011

1-1-11 No More Limits.....

2K11.....No More Limitations, I have 8,810 promises that are intended for me...and then some more...... It is time to start breathing in New Life....

Time To INHALE.....all of Lifes Blessings....Happy New Year everyone...stay tuned... for the boundaries are removed, the yokes are broken...creativity flows in abundance...