February 4, 2015

Sooo excited to try this...

So I discovered that you could put your home machine on a quilt frame... And so the quest began.

I began researching all of the options, there are a number of frames available for a range of prices.  My focus was on space saving and ease of use and set up.  

I found one that I would hope to have at some point.  The major problem is that it is not easily storable and requires the consistent space.  It also takes over a days worth of set up. So the search continued.

So I saw a few other possible options, however the reviews and such pushed me away from it..

Then I saw a blog that features Kenneth Lund's DIY quilt frame. I viewed all of his videos, read the reviews and the price point was on point.  Most importantly, it can stow away easily... And with multiple poles to roll your quilts on, the poles can store multiple quilts that are in progress... Therefore score.

I sent him an email with some questions and he promptly responded.  BONUS... And the kit was currently on sale...SUPER BONUS...

And then it was put together and shipped promptly and arrived in 3 days... Sweet..

And when I got the package it even included a gift of fabric. Extra sweet...

So I look forward to putting this together.

Have to pick up a few items at Home Depot because it is cheaper than shipping.. All of a few dollars worth of items...

And stay tuned...

See the images below


  1. I'm majorly curious about this. Will you let me come and play? x

  2. Did you ever get going with this frame thingy - as I was contemplating getting one. Would love to know how you are doing with it. Many thanks Shauna

  3. Hi Shauna funny you just commented. I have everything set and ready to go... The lead cloth etc and the pieces all together and then I got busy. And then a new machine.. Lol. So I will be sure to make a post with my thoughts shortly...

  4. Look forward to seeing how you get on.

  5. I am the middle of purchasing this frame. Any thoughts on it's quality or construction?

  6. Tammy... Easy t put together and concept is sound. Haven't tried it yet.. Got a new sit down... But many options for size etc and storage. Easy access to needed supplies from local home store... Excited to have the time to try it out. Ken Lund is very accessible and great..