April 4, 2015

Wherever does the time go...

Well since my last post I have set up the Frame, made the leaders for the pole and then had no time to keep going... Away every weekend... Beginning with Quilt Con and bought a new machine and oh so many more distractions.

I am hibernating this weekend... So I shall put the frame use on my list of must dos this weekend...

Here is a pictorial of the past month and change...

Victoria can be seen throughout, especially at the sizzix booth.

Yes I whipped up this little diddy while there with Karla's scrumptious Cherrywood fabrics.

Who says quilters don't have fun

Soo happy to have a chance to be in the presence of these amazing spirits (Gees bend quilters - China and Mary Ann Pettway)

This is really all we do when not creating lol... Creative faces hahaha

And then next week Hilton Head..

Had a blast.

And after that Maryland the next weekend..

And the week after that the NYC Half Marathon

I even found the Mario brothers...

My second half, almost a year after breaking my ankle a week after my first one.

And the next week off Visiting my beautiful grandma that was turning 88 years young.

And yes everytime I touch down in NOLA I must hit Katy's- 

And even got in some golf while in New Orleans...

And came back to finish Ms. eggplant Brown

Whew and many more weekends to add.  I need a rest lol..

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