December 26, 2011

The Three Kings for Helen (December Mod Queen Bee)

Merry Christmas Helen.   I love it when a plan comes together.  I had soo much fun making this block for you.  I decided to stretch myself a soo deserve are a wonderful person...and I am very thankful to have you in my life...Yes, I know kinda sappy.

But here it is.  She asked for a block that features your favorite holiday and provided this luscious gold fabric.  So, I had to build upon it...I hope you enjoy.

December 15, 2011

Barrelling through the Year - Gifts for All

I have had any number of things to post these past few weeks.  Of course the holidays are upon us and Santa's workshop is in overdrive.  That's in my home as well as my various organizations that I participate in.

This season is flying by, it is already the middle of December and the otherside of the New Year is almost upon us.  This is a time that causes many to reflect and be thankful for all of their blessings that they have received throughout the year.  Oddly enough, I have not put up my tree at home.  I did put my Santa advent calendar on the door for the kids to change.

My heart is warmed by all of the activity that is centered around giving to those in need.  My dear friend Victoria had her Basic's quilt distribution in the Bronx.  Throughout the year Basic's collects quilts to be distributed to people transitioning from homeless shelters.  This is a wonderful cause and a great gift for someone's home.  These quilts are beautiful.

December 1st Distribution

Lisa (aka Red Headed Mermaid), Quilt recipient and Victoria - Bumblebeans herself

How could you not feel warm and fuzzy making soemthing that will bring joy and warmth to others.

As, I continue on my giving trail.  I am also a member of two quilt guilds.  Yes, I am in groups called "guilds".  (Place holder for a post on what a "guild" really is, smiles)  I am on the board of NYC Metro Modern Quilters with Victoria and I also am the editor of the Empire Guild's Newsletter.

Empire has a yearly charity program that collects toiletries, hats, scarves, gloves, and toys for those in homeless shelters.  They also make stockings and stuffed animals to package the items in and distribute to NYC's homeless shelters.   So there is always a push for collecting and finishing the stockings, etc.  Last month we had a sew in at City Quilter's.  I wrote about it in the newsletter and said we headed for a night at the North Pole.  Thanks to everyone's donations and creations, here are a few of the items that we collected at our meeting last week.  (P.S. Jennifer is amazing...they had a couple of ladies creating gift packages with all the items that were collected.)

And we also had our holiday quilt auction.  People made quilts that represented all holidays and they were auctioned off during the meeting.  An additional fundraising opportunity.  Tiz the season for giving. Below are a few for your viewing pleasure.  Yes, these are quilts.  smiles.

I hope you have enjoyed a bit of holiday cheer.  Hopefully, I will get around to posting the creations from Encyclopedia's Holiday workshop.  Stay Tuned...

Remember to give a little of yourself - help someone up the stairs, smile at people as you pass them by, by a cup of coffee for the man or woman sitting on the corner - It feels real good when you do. 

December 2, 2011

Through My Kitchen Window, a Bee Block for Jess

Oh what fun. My November Metro Mod Bee Block was to make a kitchen window. Jess wanted a kitchen window block. She provided clear, easy, and concise measurements to create a fun block. She provided the window "sashings and frame" and asked us to create our windows with fabric of our choice.

Being a NY City girl, I thought about what I see through my Window... and the city nightlife came to view.

I am going to have to make a quilt of my own and focus on all the things I see through my City window. Oh brother, another thing for my quilt bucket list. Smiles.

Jess, I hope you enjoy.

November 16, 2011

I was in Walmartville, um I mean Bentonville, Arkansas..It was wonderful

Some may be wondering, why on earth would I be in Bentonville (Rogers), Arkansas.  Well to visit a quilt shop of course...smiles.  No seriously, I was selected to be in the class of 2012 America's Leaders of Change and our first session was in Bentonville/Rogers, AR because the fellowship is sponsored by Walmart.  To begin I must simply say wow, I did not realize how large they are and how long they have been around.  Anyway, while learning and touring I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. It was incorporated into our agenda, I did not know anything about it, and it had just opened on 11/11/11.

Needless, to stay I was amazed at the collection of works that is on display at this amazing structure.  It is a beautiful museum with stunning grounds, not to mention the artwork included in its collection. Of course a highlight for me was the "After the Last Supper" 2005 by Devorah Sperber.  It is formed and suspended upside and when you look through the globe it is turned rightside up and is comprised of 20,736 thread spools.

And I would not be a true lover of fiber if I did not stake out the local quilt shop.  The Rabbits Lair in Rogers, AR was AWESOMMMMMEEEE.  One of their lovely associates is from the good ol boogie down Bronx, New York accent and all.  It is an incredible space, with an incredible array of fabric and options.  The best wool selection I have ever seen.  What was cool is that they had lots of brights and kafe's etc. and lots of others that I had not seen.  I was truly pleased.  I also had the opportunity to introduce two of my ALOC Cohorts to the lovely world of quilting.

So enjoy some of the images and if you are ever in Bentonville, you should be sure to stop at the The Rabbit's Lair and Crystal Bridges Museum.

Side of one of the building in historic Rogers

Inside the Rabbit's Lair

From upstairs classroom

The Museum from above

Sculpture outside on the grounds

Cool pic from one side of the pond with the reflection of the architecture (from where i was) on the glass

Mosa-Mohave 1903 by Edward Sheriff Curtis. Photgravure

Rosie the Riveter, 1943 Norman Rockwell

After the Last Supper, 2005 Devorah Sperber

20,736 thread spools

November 12, 2011

Whew.. Where does the time go?

It seems like forever since I have had an opportunity to post.  So much has happened.  Here's a quick outline.

Finished some Bee Blocks, made some cupcakes, busy with my career, more fabric purchases, thinking of the holidays, off to HOUSTON for International Quilt Festival - wooo hoooo, Took plenty of classes, learned lots of stuff.  Ran into folks I knew, yeah and loads of hugs, met a bunch of new quilters, shopped, and shopped, and shopped, and ooooooed and ahhhhhhhed over all of the amazing work - the quilts that is..more shopping...made some pillowcases, took lots of pics (that I have not uploaded as yet), shopped some more, enjoyed myself immensely, returned and worked more on career, actually began folding and sorting fabric the correct (rather the orderly way), pulled my "quilt studio" apart, and am in the process of putting it back together again, bought some more fabric, and now am headed off to begin my Executive Leadership Fellowship Program.   Whew.....

So, I will upload a pic, and promise to return with all that happened in Houston and more....WHEW...

That seemed like a NY Minute right there.  Ha.

Caroly Bryer Falert...Absolutely Stunning

Gotta Check My notes to Get the name of the Quilter..Stunning

Gotta Get the Quilters Name from my camera notes




October 15, 2011

What Have I Been Up Too....

Wow, it is October 15th already.  Where O where have the days gone.  Houston is right around the corner.  What have I done to prepare for that first ever adventure...absolutely nothing as yet.  I will be taking a few classes and at some point..real soon....I need to look at the supply list and figure out the packing process.  If anyone has gone to Quilt International in the past, please feel free to provide any packing suggestions/advice.

I put together a top for Bumblebeans, Inc's basics quilts...and now I must finish the binding so that I can send it off for quilting.

I have oh sooooo many projects to complete..where do I begin.  It is at this point that it gets a bit the idea for another quilt top forms, I am forced to remember the many others that are languishing in its incomplete state.

Yet, in the midst of it all...I am happy to say, I took a break from sewing today and went to Butterlane in NYC for a cupcake class.  It was soooo much fun.  For a wee $50 you get a two hour plus class where you make three different cakes and  a number of different frostings, all from scratch.  You also learn about the ingredients that you are using and how to frost a cupcake.  Then after munching on cupcakes before we began, and nibbling on batter and frosting while we are at it, we ate our practice frosting ones before we frosted over 10 dozen cupcakes, boxed them up and each took a dozen home.  It was fantastic....

You only see Nine here, but we had a couple of smaller boxes filled as well....

September 19, 2011

Round and round the bee block goes for Nicole

This was one of the most entertaining blocks that I have done to date. I have always liked the Dresden Plate bit never ventured a try. This one was even more fun because I wanted to do something different. She sent these great Kaffee Fasset fabrics...and only required we center it on the light blue block and the orange polka dot for the center.

So this is what I spent my Saturday afternoon doing...Nicole..I hope you enjoy.

September 14, 2011

Finally 41 for David.....ahhh and the shirts...

Okay so here is the completed 41 promised. 
You cannot see the very top is Sankofa...

Here is a draft review of my shirting fabric quilt...from the guild scrap table.  The pics are not great..will take better ones.  The floral is some 70s fabric I bought online at ebay...smiles.