April 14, 2015

Cut it up with Floppy on Toppy

Soo -  okay I wanted to share this...

My dear friend and Queeps Victoria has her new sizzix dies available and they are an absolute dream.  Now you also know she is Queen of cutting up things that many see as perfectly great tops. 

Well here is a bit of a peek at my project using her big melon DWR dies.

So yea her theme is cut it up, as seen in the last post, my shirt, tatoos and more.
And a special shout out to Lisa (the red headed mermaid for use of her humongous sizzix machine.)

And the floppy on Toppy is from Victoria's awesome sizzix video that shows you how to whip these babies together in a flash... 

So I dig this little diddy out and decided... To "Cut It Up".

I also had these vintage blocks. I guess originally (some years ago) I had a plan. 

Well a trip to Darien and a night of sipping, laughter and some stitching and cutting.  I now have this beauty... That I am putting together. And remembering "floppy on Toppy"...

April 4, 2015

Wherever does the time go...

Well since my last post I have set up the Frame, made the leaders for the pole and then had no time to keep going... Away every weekend... Beginning with Quilt Con and bought a new machine and oh so many more distractions.

I am hibernating this weekend... So I shall put the frame use on my list of must dos this weekend...

Here is a pictorial of the past month and change...

Victoria can be seen throughout, especially at the sizzix booth.

Yes I whipped up this little diddy while there with Karla's scrumptious Cherrywood fabrics.

Who says quilters don't have fun

Soo happy to have a chance to be in the presence of these amazing spirits (Gees bend quilters - China and Mary Ann Pettway)

This is really all we do when not creating lol... Creative faces hahaha

And then next week Hilton Head..

Had a blast.

And after that Maryland the next weekend..

And the week after that the NYC Half Marathon

I even found the Mario brothers...

My second half, almost a year after breaking my ankle a week after my first one.

And the next week off Visiting my beautiful grandma that was turning 88 years young.

And yes everytime I touch down in NOLA I must hit Katy's- 

And even got in some golf while in New Orleans...

And came back to finish Ms. eggplant Brown

Whew and many more weekends to add.  I need a rest lol..