November 14, 2012

America's Leaders of Change

Yeah, 18 months and this weekend we have graduated from one of the most amazing leadership training programs. A congrats to my 49 Cohorts from across this great nation that participated in this journey with me.

So, of course I was nominated as one of the people to create the class gifts for our fearless leaders of the program. And with Walmart foundation as a program founder, we had the pleasure of going to Bentonville last year and saw the opening of the Crystal Bridges museum. (I am sure I posted some cool art pics from it.)

So we had great quotes and inspiration throughout the year and a half. So I created a mosaic of a picture I took and a mosaic of another image of the bridge and altered a picture of a river, as that was another of our quotes.

Here are the results...hardly a dry eye in the room. Yippee.

November 1, 2012

Time to make the quilts...

My heart and prayers go out to all that have suffered loss during this storm. My Facebook post says it all.

For all you quilty folks, stay tuned.... And get to stitching... Bumblebeans will be organizing collection and we are looking to identify organizations for distribution of these warm bundles to those affected by the storm.