May 26, 2012

All in a days work..

I had to stay home yesterday to let go of NY1 and get faster services for less $$$. Anyway, I decided to make something new. (like I had no other projects that could be worked on or needed finishing, rlol)

So this came to mind. It is for a gift and I had people sign the fabric with best wishes. After freely piecing and Chopping, this is why I ended up with. The colors are not truly representative of it.

But on a process note. I actually focused on ironing my top and back. Yes, I know shocked, yeah I hate to iron after every stitch. More on things I don't like to do....

I taped all the pieces down, and painstakingly pin basted. I then stitched in the ditch, all over, and now I will quilt it.

I see why you are suppose to do those things. Question is, will I make it a habit? Lol.

May 20, 2012

Dear Jane...I Must Be Crazy...

Yes, I must be certifiable. I have had this deep need to torture myself, apparently. The woman that does not like following patterns, the woman that took 12 years to Complete her first quilt. What would possess me to tackle Jane Stickle's 5,603 piece magilla?

It is akin to running a marathon in my mind. If I can follow a pattern, cut and sew tiny pieces within a 4.5 inch block, I would have achieved the unthinkable. So I bravely signed up to Judy and Dianne class and began last week.

About a week later, I have completed my first block. Yeah me.. "inner child squeals with delight" and I have traced about 7 more blocks and am ready to start tackling them with the swiftness. After all. Even if I finish it. I would still have to quilt it. Lmao.

My goal is to complete it by the end of this year. So....

Dear Jane:

You have caused, yet another quilter to lose their mind as they enter your OCD world of pieces. My name is cocktailsandthread and I think I am a Janiac.

Nimbly yours,

May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day... Everyone

Whew. What a lovely day. Was a bit under the weather the past couple of days and had many things that I had to do. Fortunately, I cut out the pieces for my mothers day gift.

As she met me at home late this morning for our journey, I was putting the final touches on her new bag. (because of course her Christmas gift was too dressy for everyday wear. Rlol) so here she is with her gift, and surprisingly in a Walmart. (She had to get a few things with my uncle. Lol)

Happy Mothers Day to everyone.