May 26, 2012

All in a days work..

I had to stay home yesterday to let go of NY1 and get faster services for less $$$. Anyway, I decided to make something new. (like I had no other projects that could be worked on or needed finishing, rlol)

So this came to mind. It is for a gift and I had people sign the fabric with best wishes. After freely piecing and Chopping, this is why I ended up with. The colors are not truly representative of it.

But on a process note. I actually focused on ironing my top and back. Yes, I know shocked, yeah I hate to iron after every stitch. More on things I don't like to do....

I taped all the pieces down, and painstakingly pin basted. I then stitched in the ditch, all over, and now I will quilt it.

I see why you are suppose to do those things. Question is, will I make it a habit? Lol.