June 4, 2012

Only 1 thing could keep me away...

Yes, I missed a NYC MOd Meeting. It is so heart wrenching to miss the laughter, the feel of fabric and all the quilty eye candy. I missed the oooos and aaaaahhhs as people marvel over each others work.

But there is "currently" only one thing that could keep me away. Caveat/ of course barring the obvious family etc.

Celebrating the upcoming 40th celebration of my two BFFs that share the same birthday as me. (I am a year older).

So off to the vineyard the we went, for a wonderful girls weekend pre-birthday celebration. Complete with gift bags and T-shirts made by me. Food drinks and fun. I even found a local quilt shop called the Heath Hen Yarn and Quilt Shop. And yes I bought fabric. Smiles

1 comment:

  1. So you weren't giggling with us, but . . . . I'm sure there were tons of giggles! Nothing like a girlie weekend not matter the cause of celebration! Looks like you had as much fun as we did. But I did miss your smiling face. oxox