February 27, 2013

Road to 10,000 hours

Good day bloggers,

Time for a quick check in. As we enter the third month of 2013, I have not logged the number if hours that I thought I would have. Again, my parameters where that I was actually free motion quilting or doodling on paper.

I have been stitching but not quilting. So, yes I need to get on my "complete a quilt" game.

So I have logged a total of 41hours and 27 minutes as of February 26, 2013.

Here are some pics of my doodles.

February 22, 2013

Sometimes you gotta go Modern

So.... Some time last year, actually maybe over a year ago, I was on my eBay craze. So I found some lovely calico postage stamp pieces, over 3,216 squares. Someone began hand stitching a few of them. So I forged ahead and began to hand piece as well. Then I got bored and then I picked it up again.

So after I realized they will end up sitting forever, I decided 2013 will be about finishing things. So in 49 minutes, I completed 8 subsets of 36 blocks that comprise the main design and then i will only have an additional 7 of another type.

So in the name of completion, I will continue machine stitching so that I can be done with the bulk of it. I will still have to hand piece some of the blocks together, but at least the bulk will be done.


Austin, TX for first Quilt Con 2/27/13 (repost upload)

Good morning blog world....

Started my airport day at 4am and a TSA head massage. Yes, they really massaged my hair and scalp... searching for ... um i dont know... rotary cutters, templates, or fabric. lol.

A 5:30 flight to Austin, and landed in a flurry of texts and hugs and smiles. My buddy Victoria and her friend Lisa's collaborated quilt won Best in Show. That was wayyy exciting.

I buzzed about, hugged an laughed with the folks I know. Met some new people.

Stitched, made some jewelry, laughed some more. A full day of fun.

See the pictorial review below.