February 22, 2013

Sometimes you gotta go Modern

So.... Some time last year, actually maybe over a year ago, I was on my eBay craze. So I found some lovely calico postage stamp pieces, over 3,216 squares. Someone began hand stitching a few of them. So I forged ahead and began to hand piece as well. Then I got bored and then I picked it up again.

So after I realized they will end up sitting forever, I decided 2013 will be about finishing things. So in 49 minutes, I completed 8 subsets of 36 blocks that comprise the main design and then i will only have an additional 7 of another type.

So in the name of completion, I will continue machine stitching so that I can be done with the bulk of it. I will still have to hand piece some of the blocks together, but at least the bulk will be done.



  1. OMG . . . glad you decided to machine piece!

  2. I can't imagine hand-sewing all of those. I had a bunch of 2.5 inch squares left over from the Scrappy Trip Along. I placed/ironed them on big square pieces of thin fusible interfacing. Then I folded the fabrics right sides together and sewed the long seams. It was so easy and allowed me to finish the small quilt top in just a few hours.