February 22, 2013

Austin, TX for first Quilt Con 2/27/13 (repost upload)

Good morning blog world....

Started my airport day at 4am and a TSA head massage. Yes, they really massaged my hair and scalp... searching for ... um i dont know... rotary cutters, templates, or fabric. lol.

A 5:30 flight to Austin, and landed in a flurry of texts and hugs and smiles. My buddy Victoria and her friend Lisa's collaborated quilt won Best in Show. That was wayyy exciting.

I buzzed about, hugged an laughed with the folks I know. Met some new people.

Stitched, made some jewelry, laughed some more. A full day of fun.

See the pictorial review below.

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  1. You are both having waaaayyyy too much fun!! Good to see some familiar faces too. Say HI to David and Frances for me! And give Victoria a HUGE BIG CONGRATS HUG special delivery from me!