January 9, 2013

10,000 hours of keeping track

Okay, so I am going to log all "actual" machine quilting hours for 2013.  During the holiday season, Teri of terifficreations mentioned the hours needed to become a master quilter. So it got me thinking.

 I know I have been doing many things for more than 20 hours a week for 10 years, thereby rendering me expert, master, etc.  So how about I count the number of hours I spend actually machine quilting, since I am sure I don't have as many as I would want in this category.   I am not counting just machine time, i.e. piecing or sewing, I am referring to strictly machine quilting.

With a full time job as many of us have, I am curious how many hours I will log in a year. So I have a notebook by the machine that I started using on January 1, 2013 and I also downloaded the iGoal app and put the 10,000 as a goal, and it is comes complete with stop and start timer.

So below you will see some images for thought and inspiration. And also thanks to Teri I included a quote by Ira Glass (She helped me off a ledge when I was working on a couple of gifts for folks) and a picture showing the gap between where you are and where your inner vision sees itself.

I am not doing this for the purpose of logging 10,000 hours, but to ensure that I practice more and also to get an idea how much time I spend machine quilting. After all practice makes perfect. And this is one of the areas in which I intend to grow in 2013.


  1. Remember to log your time spent practicing on paper. Practicing on paper helped me so much in the process of getting better as a machine quilter, particularly in figuring out the stitching path of motifs.
    Happy Quilting!

  2. Really powerful post today - love all of those quotes especially the last one. I want to send it to my 20-something daughters and their friends, they all expect to be great instantly and it takes work and time. Same with machine quilting right? Good luck - and what a fun project you've set up for yourself, not like 10,000 hours at the gym or something haha. Enjoy!