January 6, 2013

A New Sewl in the Fold

Ahh, I love healing arts and opening souls to the lovely work of fiber. So what began as a pick up of an art quilt, became an evening with the ancestors. Teaching someone the art of using your hands is an awesome feeling for me.

I had the pleasure of teaching someone how to quilt by the creation of a small coaster by hand. 3 hours later after a sip and loads of sharing stories.. She ended up with a finished piece. That then lead to the desire to delve deeper. So today, off we went to my favorite LQS, City Quilter. 2 hours later we had created a customized quilt kit for her to make by hand.

Love it. Another Sewl (soul) in the fold.

I also had the pleasure of finally revealing a piece I had been working on... Needless to say the new owner is ecstatic. Smiles


  1. Good job creating a new "sewl" - I love that word, may I borrow it! :) Also, LOVE the quilt with the images of the boy and the man with the camera - amazing!!! Is that your creation? It is fantabulous!

  2. Yes Chris, I coined that word after church today. Lol

    And the quilt is a friend of mine and his son. All my handy work. Smiles

  3. Great post and I'm LOVING your photo quilt - are you going to be able to share it with us at a Guild meeting, I'm dying to see it? :)

  4. Thanks. I said that was a condition of getting it now. So hopefully I hope to have it.

  5. Wow, I love your quilt!
    Very creative.