January 6, 2013

Process makes Perfect

Okay.. Still awake and it just hit me. I should talk about process. I did take the process edge after all. When was that... Lol is it still going. Anyway.

Process makes perfect, or at least better. This post may ramble a bit, but the focus is on what happens when you spend hours and hours and hours on something only to realize it SUCKS. What do you? Plow ahead, finish it or toss it as a loss. Or do you spend just as many hours undoing it so you can do it over.

Well, for the first time ever in my quilting, crafty life, I have spent in excess of 3 hours painstakingly removing about another 4 or 5 hours of stitching. Initially, I thought I was smoking something. And I dislike smoke of all kinds including incense. Lol

But as I was stitching the "Man in the Mirror" I totally messed it up. I say that because I had not picked various shades of threads, was only using one color, which may have worked if I used a different movement. Although I still think the various weights and colors made a huge difference.

I had way to much movement on parts and areas that ultimately should have been different. Overall, the effect made the subject appear old and it lacked depth. So I ripped it all out. Free motion stitches...yes almost 3 hours of it. Needless to say, it was a humbling experience. Also a well received lesson in quilting.

During the removal of hour and hours of stitching, I was able to see why the original stitches did not work. Of course not to say it still can't be improved upon, but I do believe it came out pretty darn good for not sketching any quilt design first. While removing I decided on the various thread choices, and while identifying why a pattern didn't work, I was able to visual what would work better.

See the mistake below.

So then after I went back at it, after experiencing a level of defeat, and not worthiness, I got back in the saddle/chair. Acknowledged myself for having the ability to see that it was not to my liking and all be it WRONG. And then had the fortitude to try again.

Eight different threads later and a load of patience. I was thrilled with the outcome.


  1. A seam ripper is a quilters best friend. It is the eraser of the quilting world. Yay for you for taking out your handy dandy seam ripper and not settling for something that wasn't quite working for you.

    Happy Quilting,

  2. It looks good E!! Nice patterns in your design - and kudos for pushing through the disappointment and on to something better! I definitely could relate to the pain as you were telling your story. Been. There.