December 8, 2014

Christmas quilt

Note:  this was from October... It never published...So what have I been up too... Lots.. Well this week my dear friend Victoria (Victoria Findlay Wolfe quilts- sorry can't link from my phone) was supposedly working and ended up making a lovely Christmas quilt... As I saw her post... I just had to see it... Because I have one completed Christmas quilt that had remained on my bed year round... Lol and I have another that was started two years ago that I never completed.. Yes smh.  I know.. Finish what I start...

So I had an idea..

And because I needed a bit if push to actually do it.. I called her via our usual FaceTime - 

Lol... Yes and I was able to get my inspiration and I viewed her studio.  She also said I could buy new Christmas fabric... (Enabler.  Hehehe)

So in Friday I went to the City Quilter and picked up some fabric.

And then Saturday I got started... Drafting and such...
And then voila...

Still working 
Auditioning fabric I had in my stash.. Yes didn't use all that I purchased.. Lol

 And now here is the top finished

I love how it finished... Now I have to piece the back, baste and quilt... Whew...

Wrappers, flowers and more

Wow, where does the time go... For more updates be sure to check out my Instagram... It is hard to believe that we are on the fourth round of the original NYC Metro mod Guild Bee...

Hmmm I guess I should finish the last few quilts lol.

So November was Rossanna's month as Queen Bee.  She had asked us to save  candy wrappers and such for our blocks.
I am not a big candy eater so I was saving my dark chocolate peanut butter cup foil wrappers.  I also ended up using tea wrappers and some chick-o-stick candy wrappers...

So this is what I came up with.  First, I had to figure how to protect the foil and allow for manipulation without it tearing. So I glued and modge podged it to magazine paper.

And while that was drying... I began working on the tea wrapper flower I got the idea from a DIY I saw on blog... (See link below)

And this is what it looks like.

 Then I went ahead with the other block.  And see the pics below... I hope she likes it... It was cool to figure out how to make flowers with the wrappers and attach them to the fabric and maintain the shape... Can't wait to see the final.