September 17, 2012

Manhattan was Over Run by Quilters

Hellooo blog land,

It is definitely back to school season. The crisp September air, the bright blue sky and puffy white clouds. Where or where did summer 2012 go. I am sooo happy I was able to attend the daytime eveny of Quilters Take Manhattan. Of course, yours truly "CocktailsandThread" was ticketed and ready for the After Dark event, Quiltini's anyone.  The Quiltini's were yummy, although I did not have as much as I would have liked since I was driving. How did I make that mistake. Lol

Back to the afternoon at FIT. It was great. Beginning with a lovely message from Mark Lipinski, to introductions by Quilt Alliance's Executive Director Amy Milne (she's awesome)... To a lovely SOS with Denise Schmydt, interviewed by the wonderful Meg Cox. Followed by a great intro by Marie Bostwick (love her books) and a talk by Jennifer Chiaverini , gonna have to pick up one of her novels as well. And then all the wonderful door prizes, although I did not win this year.

I was able to contribute and benefit from the silent auction and walked away with two awesome books that I never knew existed. 

Textural Rhythms: Quilting the Jazz Tradition

and Threads of Faith by Carolyn L. Mazloomi

Don't you just love that.

So here is a weekend pictorial of the events. (in no particular order since its from my phone lol)

Karla Overland fromCherrywood Fabrics.  I loooovee t his tunic...
Meg Cox inteviewing Denise Schmydt at FIT Quilters Take Manhattan
Stories by Syliva Weire Beaumont, TX Quilt Alliance House Quilts
Paula Nadelstern designed umbrella and its lucky winner Emily Klainberg
Quilters Take Manhattan AFTER DARK - the Quiltini
QTM After Dark with the wonderul Author Marie Bostwick
Love Love Love Luke Haynes...Fiber Artist Extraordinaire.
QTM After Dark with a bit of Improv in the Bumblebean studio.
Anotehr of my fave people...Leslie Tucker Jennison...Her stuff is AWESOMMMMEEE
Simplicity at its finest..
The Woman with the best job ever...Amy Milne, Executive Director of the Quilt Alliance
QTM After Dark and the energy is still flowing
More Quilt Alliance Houses
Isnt this fabulous, I may learn to like yo yos after all...
Did I not say her stuff is awesome, Leslie Tucker Jennison
NYC Metro Mods very own Andrea Murray "Om is where the quilt is"
FIT swag + City Quilter stop = a stop how before the AFTER DARK
QTM After Dark
Susan Cane, CT "Home Sweet Home"
Studio Improve at Quilters Take Manhattan After Dark with Quiltini's -
 Love it, For what is better than Cocktails and Thread...smiles
Caffeine boost at Quilters Take Manhattan - FIT
Another introduction to an author - Jennifer Chaiverini, gotta check her out...smiles