July 29, 2011

I SPY.....

Today, I decided to walk on down to my favorite city quilt shop around lunch time to get some more fabric to add to my winter quilt.  As I walked in, I spy'ed "a little collection"...I was wondering where she had been, because I had not seen, nor heard, nor read her (blog) for the majority of the summer.  Needless to say, it was a pleasant NYC Metro Mod I Spy a Member surprise.

So, of course what did that mean...we shopped and shopped and shopped...and their 20% of 1/2 a yard or more on a bolt sale did not hurt either...

So, I was able to pick up a number of items that I had been looking at over the past few months.  And for 20% off, who could complain.  Definately, not me.  A little collection was there to pick up some fabric for an I Spy quilt...hence the title of this post....smiles.

I am actually going to go back and pick up some Kona solids...I did buy a bunch some time ago to get my solid stash going.... but they are bundled so nicely at home...I should just get some to play with... smiles.  It is on sale, after all.

So here is a pic of some of the yummy goodies I picked up this afternoon. (Didn't bother taking a picture of the fabric I went in to buy...You will see that in the finished winter quilt.)   Oh, and some of the fabric is to create the back of the winter quilt...."spring quilt".  While in the store, I decided to make a reversible quilt...Winter and why not get some yummy fabric for Spring...a two fer...smiles.

July 26, 2011

Winter Quilt Part Deux....

Well, I was very busy this weekend as you can see...And went ahead with the fabric I had remaining to come up with more blocks to go on the exterior of the 12 that I had made.  That meant an additional 18 blocks...whew..

So, I got to sketching again.  I decided to use more of the layer cakes and not the red fabric.  And this is what I came up with. 

Funny, I created the blocks the wrong size.  I, somehow thought that my initial 12 blocks were only 12 and a half inches....Clearly Not...after I did 18 blocks that were 12 and a half inches, I realized they were too small.  So, what ever shall i do.  Take them out..NEVER...adapt...Why of course, that is the only thing a time strapped working gal can or should do...smiles

So I will go and get that White fabric that I was eyeing...and use that to enlarge my lovely outer blocks....WHEW....process done and solved...Stay tuned for the completed layout...Which by the way is huge...so i will lay it out on my bed for design options...After all it is My new Winter Quilt...

Ha, wonder if I will finish this one by the winter...lol.

July 25, 2011

Winter Quilt..

Well, after a lovely patchwork in Starbucks day with the patchwork duck and the red headed mermaid...we visited our favorite city quilt shop. I was there for a class on Wednesday and saw some lovely holiday, Christmas fabric. I did not get it that day..however, as me and the mermaid trotted over to the store yesterday, I was moved to purchase.

I began with one idea, and then it morphed. I modified a quilt I saw, and decided grey/silver with red would be great as a main component. So I set off to thinking about the design. For the first time I actually drafted and redrafted block ideas. Finally, I settled on one, and went to cutting out pieces for 12 12 1/2 inch blocks. I began chain piecing, and construction began. As I type now, I have completed 11 of the 12' and now I am contemplating the red accent with the silver. I feel as if I am missing something.

I have taken a pic and chose to step away for a spell and resketch some ideas. Do I make more blocks perhaps with some solids in the main block? Or, do I add more grey or a solid dashing to set the blocks a bit more? Or, do I make more blocks without a red accent and choose another neutral color, say white (similar to the one in the blocks I have, or maybe even the blue that is in their to give it some rest.) What do I do?

Anyway, food break. I must feed the creativity...oh and here is a pic. What do you think?  (This was written yesterday....smiles.)

July 18, 2011

It Takes Two

I am smiling as I managed a weekend with some sewing in it...smiles.  So for starters to get the creative juices, I worked on the tops for two beautiful twin baby girls.  I sort of free formed it.  I chose to do different quilts for each, as they don't even have similar names....smiles

And For the Queen Bee Lisa...for the month of July....Here is "Which Way Do I Go"
Lisa wanted us to focus on triangles...She sent some lovely fabric and we were required to keep the Red Triangle in tact.  I looked at the fabric, and looked, and looked, and was not sure which way to go...so I free formed as many triangles as I could muster...I hope she likes it...