July 26, 2011

Winter Quilt Part Deux....

Well, I was very busy this weekend as you can see...And went ahead with the fabric I had remaining to come up with more blocks to go on the exterior of the 12 that I had made.  That meant an additional 18 blocks...whew..

So, I got to sketching again.  I decided to use more of the layer cakes and not the red fabric.  And this is what I came up with. 

Funny, I created the blocks the wrong size.  I, somehow thought that my initial 12 blocks were only 12 and a half inches....Clearly Not...after I did 18 blocks that were 12 and a half inches, I realized they were too small.  So, what ever shall i do.  Take them out..NEVER...adapt...Why of course, that is the only thing a time strapped working gal can or should do...smiles

So I will go and get that White fabric that I was eyeing...and use that to enlarge my lovely outer blocks....WHEW....process done and solved...Stay tuned for the completed layout...Which by the way is huge...so i will lay it out on my bed for design options...After all it is My new Winter Quilt...

Ha, wonder if I will finish this one by the winter...lol.

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