July 25, 2011

Winter Quilt..

Well, after a lovely patchwork in Starbucks day with the patchwork duck and the red headed mermaid...we visited our favorite city quilt shop. I was there for a class on Wednesday and saw some lovely holiday, Christmas fabric. I did not get it that day..however, as me and the mermaid trotted over to the store yesterday, I was moved to purchase.

I began with one idea, and then it morphed. I modified a quilt I saw, and decided grey/silver with red would be great as a main component. So I set off to thinking about the design. For the first time I actually drafted and redrafted block ideas. Finally, I settled on one, and went to cutting out pieces for 12 12 1/2 inch blocks. I began chain piecing, and construction began. As I type now, I have completed 11 of the 12' and now I am contemplating the red accent with the silver. I feel as if I am missing something.

I have taken a pic and chose to step away for a spell and resketch some ideas. Do I make more blocks perhaps with some solids in the main block? Or, do I add more grey or a solid dashing to set the blocks a bit more? Or, do I make more blocks without a red accent and choose another neutral color, say white (similar to the one in the blocks I have, or maybe even the blue that is in their to give it some rest.) What do I do?

Anyway, food break. I must feed the creativity...oh and here is a pic. What do you think?  (This was written yesterday....smiles.)


  1. Oh my but you have been most busy! I can't believe how much you got done. It looks wonderful. How about trying some blue sashing? Not sure if it would break up the pattern too much, but I think you are right, something else is needed. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Love, the mermaid.

  2. Love the silvery fabric! Blue or white sashing might make the other fabrics "pop" even more. Keep up the great sewing!