September 19, 2011

Round and round the bee block goes for Nicole

This was one of the most entertaining blocks that I have done to date. I have always liked the Dresden Plate bit never ventured a try. This one was even more fun because I wanted to do something different. She sent these great Kaffee Fasset fabrics...and only required we center it on the light blue block and the orange polka dot for the center.

So this is what I spent my Saturday afternoon doing...Nicole..I hope you enjoy.

September 14, 2011

Finally 41 for David.....ahhh and the shirts...

Okay so here is the completed 41 promised. 
You cannot see the very top is Sankofa...

Here is a draft review of my shirting fabric quilt...from the guild scrap table.  The pics are not great..will take better ones.  The floral is some 70s fabric I bought online at ebay...smiles.

September 12, 2011

Lovely Shirting...and soo much more from the Scrap Table..

Okay, to begin, yes, I have not provided my feedsack blog posts yet...I will work on that soon..I ended up getting distracted..  I finished a bee block that was suppose to have 41 things, and realized I only had 38. 
See it here with the 38.

Then when I went to print more things, my printer died...So then I had to get a new printer..  I am happy to say, that I deconstructed part of it, and added it, and its done..will post a pic soon.

So, Saturday was the Empire Guilds meeting and they usually have a scrap table.  I am always amazed at how everyone rushes for it...and takes it really serious.  It is a great way to find things that you probably would not ever buy.  I also wonder where they get all the fabric samples from...and the price is a added WIN.

So for a mere $4 I got...a boatload of stuff...Most importantly, I have been wanting shirting fabric for quite some time and while I was walking towards the table...a wonderful woman handed me a zip lock bag full of shirting squares..

Can I just say, I was ecstatic..I went home with all of my goodies...washed the fabric to remove the glue, ironed it..and have already begun my 9 patches.  I had to add another fabric, but I have 124 squares.  Here are some pics of what i got from the table, and I will be sure to post the finished top...Perhaps by the end of the week.  Now you see why the feedsack post has not happened yet.  smiles.