September 12, 2011

Lovely Shirting...and soo much more from the Scrap Table..

Okay, to begin, yes, I have not provided my feedsack blog posts yet...I will work on that soon..I ended up getting distracted..  I finished a bee block that was suppose to have 41 things, and realized I only had 38. 
See it here with the 38.

Then when I went to print more things, my printer died...So then I had to get a new printer..  I am happy to say, that I deconstructed part of it, and added it, and its done..will post a pic soon.

So, Saturday was the Empire Guilds meeting and they usually have a scrap table.  I am always amazed at how everyone rushes for it...and takes it really serious.  It is a great way to find things that you probably would not ever buy.  I also wonder where they get all the fabric samples from...and the price is a added WIN.

So for a mere $4 I got...a boatload of stuff...Most importantly, I have been wanting shirting fabric for quite some time and while I was walking towards the table...a wonderful woman handed me a zip lock bag full of shirting squares..

Can I just say, I was ecstatic..I went home with all of my goodies...washed the fabric to remove the glue, ironed it..and have already begun my 9 patches.  I had to add another fabric, but I have 124 squares.  Here are some pics of what i got from the table, and I will be sure to post the finished top...Perhaps by the end of the week.  Now you see why the feedsack post has not happened yet.  smiles.

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