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If you need assistance in Knitting, Stitching or Crafting, just check out some of these videos and blog tutorials.

Quilting and Sewing Videos

Sewing Directions by eHowHome

Instructions for Cutting Quilting Fabric by eHowHome

How to Cut Fabric Strips Evenly for Quilting by eHowHome

How to Cut Material for Quilting by eHowHome
Instructions for Sewing Machines by eHowHome

How to Sew Rag Quilts by eHowHome

Problems With Sewing Together Different Weight... by eHowHome

Sewing & Shearing Techniques by eHowHome
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Do-it-Yourself Sewing Machine Repair Cleaning by eHowHome

How to Sew a Pillow with Fringe

How to sew sequins on to a T-shirt

Fixing Problems:  Thread Bunching

Make some easy Placemats
Sewing on a pocket

Sheer Panels

Easy Pillow

How to Attach Velcro

Knitting Videos

How to Knit with Jumbo needles

Valentine Garland

Valentine Necklaces

Crafty Bracelets

Great and Easy Book Marks

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  1. How to rectify upper thread that keeps coming when sewing? Pls help. Thank you.