March 8, 2012

Calico Dresden From the 1970s

Happy Thursday everyone,

Remember my eBay obsession. Well this was one of them. I found a kit from the company Yours Truly, inc in GA and it had all of these oddly yummy calico prints precut Dresden pieces and the original pattern to boot.

In my usual Encyclopedia fashion I wanted to know if this company from the 1970s still existed. There was an actual copyright year on the pattern. After some googling and digging, I had discovered thy it was a pattern from Marti Mitchell. She actually is at the same address. Smiles

As with most items, I played initially then away it went. So I pulled them out and am almost done with it and ready to attach it to some fabric. They are mostly browns and orange and tans and light hints of green.  For some reason they don't look the same. 

I will post some completed blocks soon. But welcome to my sudden fascination with Dresden plates. Never thought I would seek them out. Lol


  1. Love the Dresdens! I've been watching eBay for a while now, hoping to find another quilt top that needs to go to a good home. It's almost as addictive as Petfinder, but I won't have to deal with the dog hair!

  2. How great they all look together! Your floor would make an interesting background, too! No kidding...