July 27, 2013

I Got Fractured at QBL ...

So I ventured to Quilting By the Lake for the very first time.  QBL is associated with the Schweinfurth Artcenter in Auburn, NY and the QBL classes are held at the Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, NY.  Everyone stays in dorms, you have room mates and suite mates, you eat in the dining hall...so very back to college. 

I had a blast at QBL. (Quilting By the Lake).  Granted I would have had a ball simply by virtue of the company I kept.  Bumblebeans, Helen no Blog, and the redheaded mermaid.  My NYC Metro Crew... So we all traveled up together to spend some time stitchin in Kathy Doughty's "Fractured" class.  What we thought would be an easy no brainer class, turned out to be a bit of a challenge.  As you all can see, I am not a pattern following kinda gal.  I like free form, free flowing.  So it always takes a while for my brain to grasp the why's of a pattern.  Like, why do you want me to do this like this, and not like that?  Why do you want me to cut this way and not that way. Etc..  Lol

We prevailed, thankfully, complete with giggles, laughs, food, fabric, and fun.

It was also great catchin up with other quilters, and meeting new people.  Lisa and I met some folks from Canada, as they were our suite mates.  Soo college...lol.

We got pinned by this woman, who makes this things....from recycled material and has been handing them out for over 30 years.  We are in...smiles lol.

Came home...and back to the grind.  But just finished stitching the top together.

I got fractured... See the lovely pictures below... And for more pictures and a video of our class. Go to bumblebeansinc.blogspot and helennoblog.blogspot. 

And for next year, I shall be back again.. as my dear Victoria (Bumblebeansinc) will be teaching.  So be sure to go sign up for classes!  She will have a two day 15 Minutes Play Improv class, and a three day, LeMoyne Star Improv class.(July 2014)  Sign up for their newsletter to get connected!  The classes fill fast, and they use a lottery system, so you have to get your sign ups in, and hope you get the class you want... All the classes are great so come join us next year at http://www.quiltingbythelake.com.

Finished the top today.  But it is missing something...

Our pilot for the trip.

My roomie Lisa helping me with my travel EPP.

Dear Helen.. Sooo stylish..

Unpacking in our dorm room.

Quilt Geek Alert...

Victoria has her bed made... I want this..

Lisa's as well..

And what would stitching be without cocktails.. Dorm style lol.

Our lovely teacher Kathy.

Work work work.

I got pinned... ;-)

Working overtime.

Teachers pet lol

51 out 56 done.. Last 5 already cut and partially stitched..woo hoo because lord knows I won't finish the blocks at home lol

Lisa's is great.  Love the black an white.  And she was almost done.  

And the queen stitcher has this gorgeous orange and blue top.  Rest assured she is not finished with it, there is more to come... 

And I love all the fabric in Helen's.. So wonderful...

Shout out to all of my Fractures classmates

Trouble makers.. I had no idea she was behind me lol.

Fabric love.... 

Oh so blessed to have a stitching good time...

And another of the top put together


  1. Oh so much fun! Nothing better. I will be your roomie anytime! oxoxo

  2. Your blocks look fantastic!!!!!! LOVE YOUR TOP!!!!!! We had so much fun!!! Let's do that again!!!!

  3. You completed the top of your quilt, already! Really puts me to shame. I hope you will post it again once it is quilted. Made 2 more blocks today for a total of 7... but only plan to made 9! So, I am quite advanced too.
    Diane Côté (QBL Suite-mate)

  4. I am LOVING your quilt top! Partially due to the cool pattern and excellent stitching (!), and maybe mostly due to your gorgeous stash. Anyway, gorgeous! Must try this! (I got her book!)

  5. Diane C all in due time...I haven't finished it as yet. And thanks Chris.. Diggin in the stash made me see just how much fabric I have... That s wasn't even a third of it. Yikes. Smiles