July 1, 2013

Monday Star Count 2 - aka EPP Weekly Tally

So what have i accomplished in the EPP world.  I accomplished 4 completed hexies from another EPP project.  LOL

This has not been touched since this past winter...I think I should focus on completing the larger one...as it is quicker.  I began this two years ago as a way to cut up my "good" fabric.  then along the way it just became what was available...lol

  I have managed to carry my traveling quilt EPP around and not use it.  I have also been very successful in pining away at other EPP projects that I have seen, as well as wishing and wanting to begin a new one.

I was looking at paperpieces.com's blog and saw a 1/4 inch hexagon king size quilt and thought...oooo i wanna do that...lol

and then i though about a random scrap diamond EPP project and thought about the other EPP projects I have laying about and decided...finish something.

So stay tuned for next weeks edition of Unfinished English Paper Piecing Projects...


  1. This made me remember hundreds of Yo Yo's I had cut out, and carried a bag everywhere I went for about one year before I had children. Somehow, when we moved, I lost the bag that had all my finished Yo Yo's in it. I never tried to do small projects like that since then. But, I like to see what others are doing.

  2. Love the idea of a traveling EPP. You could bring it along to QBL and check all the class wastebaskets for scraps to add as hitchhikers.