July 17, 2013

Um the last two Monday Morning Star Counts

I have been negligent these past two Mondays.  I was away last week.  I started to post and got caught up in grandma tasks to complete.  So I did finish a few base stars.  Don't have a pic to post.  Planned to work on them, while lounging with my grandma by the pool or sitting and sipping cocktails with my auntie, or chatting with my oh so learned uncle.  However, none of that happened. See pics at the end of this post as to what did happen.  (I didn't take pics of everything I made, lol.

This Monday I have a big far ZERO on my EPP.. I will be sure to work on it and have a post next Monday.  I will bring it on my ride up to QBL (quilting by the lake).  Headed up with my quilt buddies, Victoria, Helen, and Lisa..  That's gonna be loads of fun.  Also found out Kathy Doughty (our lovely teacher) will be traveling along side us.  So a fun trip indeed.  

Gotta say I love all my fancy, famous, and fabulous quilty friends lol. Smiles

Grandma and I...87 bless her heart... Smiles

Grandma at Mes a Mie quilt shop in NOLA.

Grandma sporting her house dress I made for her from quilting fabric.

Auntie modeling the dress I made for her.

Finishing it on the dress form.

And lots of fun was had eating and sipping and hanging with my family.

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