August 6, 2013

Monday Morning Star EPP count 8/5

Well,  I was a bit more productive this week.. Sorry for the late post Jess...

I was in Arizona and managed to stitch together 5 complete hexagons oto the main piece.  Prior to my departure I also cut up all the fabric i have remaining for this and separated them.

Therefore, I have committed myself to finish using all of the fabric I purchased for it.  We shall see the size that I end up with...

So there, I have made some progress.. Lol


  1. What size do you cut your scraps? I'm starting a 1" diamond epp similar to yours but I'm still pulling fabrics from my stash. With hexis I use a square and ignore the extra fabric. How do you handle your scraps for a diamond epp? kelli {dot} sanders {at} Comcast {dot} net

  2. Cutting the fabric ahead should make a big difference. Now it is completely portable.

    Gotta love those dots!