August 13, 2013

Off to College Quilt

So.. My cousins son is off to college.. Woo hoo another one off into the big beautiful of course I have planned on making him a quilt to take with him.  And of course I thought I had time to do it.  And of course life happened.  So what did I make.

Friday afternoon I was at City Quilter after work to get fabric for his quilt.. So home at 6:00 and off to work I began.

Cut and tryin out some layouts.

Top is pieced.. Can I make a back and baste it before bed...

Of course I can with some refreshments..

 And it is basted and ready for morning stitching.  After all the party starts at 2pm.. Yikes

And I am off...

Quilting is done.

Even managed a thread color change.  Woo hoo.

Binding complete.

 Back is sweet.

Dedicated and signed...

 And delivered.. Whew...

1 comment:

  1. You really made the guy it was worth the time and effort to see that gorgeous smile! Great color and design in this quilt. Hope it survives dorm life!