August 13, 2013

Black and yellow black & gray & cream

Well it is that time of year again.  This time I am fortunate to have the company of Queen Bumblebeans and family... So what have I been up to yesterday and today...

Stepping outside of my comfort zone. I have been practicing my new skill.. Ironing.  Lmao.  Picked that little diddly up while at Quilting By the Lake.  Lisa aka the redheaded mermaid and Victoria aka Bumblebeans convinced me it is essential to great block making.  I saw the difference in how crisp Lisa's blocks looked compared to mine... And Victoria explained that it is for the ease of construction.  It is indeed.. 

I have also trimmed and squared up my blocks.. All of these are first... Along with flying geese and making blocks for a quilt.  Lol. The only improv was in my choice of blocks.

Anyway, still have two sides of borders to make tomorrow.. But here is a pictorial of my process. 

Working with another Juki was a uber plus.. I was in Juki heaven since she has one of the new computerized one.  My intro to Juki came from Victoria a few years ago.  Fell in love and bought one in 2011.  It is my work horse... But the computerized one is also a dream..

And it begins.

And it begins.

 Churning out the blocks...

Use those new skills.  Lol

Using up all the bits

And there is the computerized Juki.

My first time using geese in a quilt.

Moving right along..

And more geese... And 80 more to 20 more units to complete before I am done ski.


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  1. Love it! Especially the yellow arrow in the middle. Fab! Glad you are using your new skills. :) oxoxo