December 8, 2014

Christmas quilt

Note:  this was from October... It never published...So what have I been up too... Lots.. Well this week my dear friend Victoria (Victoria Findlay Wolfe quilts- sorry can't link from my phone) was supposedly working and ended up making a lovely Christmas quilt... As I saw her post... I just had to see it... Because I have one completed Christmas quilt that had remained on my bed year round... Lol and I have another that was started two years ago that I never completed.. Yes smh.  I know.. Finish what I start...

So I had an idea..

And because I needed a bit if push to actually do it.. I called her via our usual FaceTime - 

Lol... Yes and I was able to get my inspiration and I viewed her studio.  She also said I could buy new Christmas fabric... (Enabler.  Hehehe)

So in Friday I went to the City Quilter and picked up some fabric.

And then Saturday I got started... Drafting and such...
And then voila...

Still working 
Auditioning fabric I had in my stash.. Yes didn't use all that I purchased.. Lol

 And now here is the top finished

I love how it finished... Now I have to piece the back, baste and quilt... Whew...


  1. Absolutely incredible, what you can achieve when you get stuck in, and with a push from VFW!!! - Chris :D

  2. Wow! I love the colors, and the piecing is incredible. Way to go!

  3. Your Magi designs are simply gorgeous! And your fabric choices, too!!!