May 20, 2012

Dear Jane...I Must Be Crazy...

Yes, I must be certifiable. I have had this deep need to torture myself, apparently. The woman that does not like following patterns, the woman that took 12 years to Complete her first quilt. What would possess me to tackle Jane Stickle's 5,603 piece magilla?

It is akin to running a marathon in my mind. If I can follow a pattern, cut and sew tiny pieces within a 4.5 inch block, I would have achieved the unthinkable. So I bravely signed up to Judy and Dianne class and began last week.

About a week later, I have completed my first block. Yeah me.. "inner child squeals with delight" and I have traced about 7 more blocks and am ready to start tackling them with the swiftness. After all. Even if I finish it. I would still have to quilt it. Lmao.

My goal is to complete it by the end of this year. So....

Dear Jane:

You have caused, yet another quilter to lose their mind as they enter your OCD world of pieces. My name is cocktailsandthread and I think I am a Janiac.

Nimbly yours,


  1. Yeah!! You will love that class. I took it years ago, for three years, and had so much fun with Judy and Diane. I must admit, I haven't quite finished mine yet, but it's close. Haha! Enjoy the addiction.

  2. So happy for you! I owe my success in finishing to Judy, Diane, and my Janiac support group. Go Girl!!!