January 9, 2011

A Birthday Gift for my Munchkin.

It is completed, just in the knick of time.  The party was today...and I hope she enjoys it.  This was a special request from my dearest niece.  Traditionally, that is for the last 6 years of her life prior to this one, her seventh, I have knitted her something for her birthday.  This year would be different.  Earlier last year, we had a conversation and originally she asked at the age of 3, if I would make her (knit her) something every year for her birthday, until she was atleast 17.  Now of course to a 3 year old that seems a very long time.

Anyway, last year I realized that she would also be getting bigger, so I would be knitting longer.  And the conversation was had.  She agreed to allow me to make her anything I wanted, provided that I made it.  It also seems the time frame has extended...sort of to a forever status..smiles.  Her request was that it have light pink, dark pink, orange, "oh yeah and some blue" and a PEACE sign.

I originally planned to use the letters of her name.  However, on New Years Day we were walking from dinner and we had a discussion of her favorite letters, because her younger sister likes the letter M.  (Coincidentally, its the first letter of my brother's name.)  So, AJ said her favorites were A (because of her name), Y (because it is the last letter of her name, it sounds like an E and is also a sometimes vowel), S (for her mom and younger sisters name), and M for her daddy.  So Viola....

This is what I did.  She should have been opening her gifts today when she got home.  I can't wait for the verdict...

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  1. Well Done E! I am sure she will love it... Quilts just bring on the warm fuzzies!