January 18, 2011

Breathing In....

At the end of 2010 I Exhaled....to allow the New Year to begin.  So I am breathing IN.   I am sooo excited (So many wonderful things going on...However you will have to stay tuned as I will chat more after next week when much of the past two and upcoming weeks festivities have slowed down and my quilting buddy returns home to the upper regions of New York (she will be here next week -- yippee). 

I am looking forward to my quilting time that has been on hold for a bit.  However, there is inspiration everywhere....so I am even more inspired to create..

So I thought I would show you a snapshot of my Morning bootcamp world.

Two to Three Days a Week I enter the park for an hour of strength training and cardio exercise, with the worlds greatest bootcamp instructor...Stacy .  This was the view yesterday....and today, snow, ice, sleet and all...we headed to Bethesda fountain and this is what i knee lifted, and pushed up to...smiles...Perhaps I shall create a quilt that features all of the wonders that I see in Central Park in the mornings.

One part of the ceiling at the fountain.

Today I discovered that this was on the walls surrounding the structure.  Incredible..Its funny what you don't notice, and we have been there a number of times since the summer.


  1. Oh E! I love that picture of the landscape you are exercising (torture?) to! Those colors are amazing. You should try to make a quilt of that picture. My painter friends are always trying to get me to do landscape quilts, but I have been inspired yet, although a picture like that could do it! Have fun sewing.

  2. Wow, impressive on so many levels... great photo of the sunrise!

  3. Lisa...I am thinking about how i would do that... So i am keeping track of my am bootcamp pics to perhaps try some techniques and create some quilts. smiles...