January 27, 2011

Bootcamping in a Winter Wonderland

 I headed out early this morning to enjoy the fresh snow.  Yes, it was a nice balmy 32 degrees, the snow was piled high...So a High Knee workout was in effect.  Stacy wanted us to have 15 pounds today.  Little did she know the snow would have arrived.  So it was an extra work out.  As I walked along to meet my fellow boot campers, I was pleased at the tranquility of the city.  There were no buses, a few cars, and people just starting to get moving and figure out their plans for transportation.  It is always a quiet time in the city, before the dirty slushy stuff takes over...so come with me on my morning trek.

Stacy was there, in her office, waiting patiently for us to arrive.  She had an earlier client that showed up for their session.  So yes, she waits for us in our office from the wee hours of the morning as she has earlier sessions and/or clients.

Stacy B.  http://www.stacysbootcamp.com/

106th and Central Park West at 7:15 am

I must say that there is something to be said about a great instructor, great bootcampers, and the beauty of the outdoors.  It gets you going in the morning.  It was a wonderful work out.  We lost our weights in the snow periodically, but it reminded me of what we miss being adults.  I remember as a kid, it would snow and we would race outside and stay there all day long.  Occassionally coming in for a cup of Hot cocoa, a sandwich or a bowl of soup.  Only to race back outside with glee.  Running, jumping, tumbling, and enjoying the snow.  I was a kid again this morning, as we blazed the trail through the park leaving our prints behind.

As I headed back, after making tracks, playing with dogs, running, jump squatting, leg lifting...this is what I saw.

I love the Snow...

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  1. Great pics! You are so right, we forget to be kids on a day like today . . . on any day for that matter.