September 16, 2013

Road to Precision Piecing

Okay okay. UNCLE!!!! I Give up.  It all began with the dreaded iron.  That extra step that I avoided with all that I possessed.  Then, while at Quilting By the Lake, I realized the benefit in ironing my seams as I went along.

So, return I did, and new irons were bought.  Iron then became a part of my quilting process with each seam.. Not just at the end.

Now while working on these blocks, half square triangles etc...I decided to still wing it a bit.  I thought I was doing something by making the parts larger and then trimming the final block parts down to size... Still no consistency.

Then someone posted a piece on gettin accurate points... It involved, accurate block pieces, accurate 1/4 inch markings and pinning.  I saved it after I read it and laughed and said the force would have to be strong in me to do all those steps... Lol

And then I thought... What would Yoda say... "DO or DO NOT, there is NO TRY!!! And alas I realized that either I would strive for matched points and precision pieces or I would not.  I would cease tryin to wing it.. For there is no TRY...

So a couple of days ago, I trimmed all my pieces square to the right size and ironed them.  (Trimming each piece was new).  I even double checked my 1/4 inch on my machine with the ruler thing that allows the needle through the hole.

Then this eve, I pinned the half square pieces etc according to the recommendations in the posting.  PINNING was the other new activity.   

And I chain pieced the sections...

Ironed them ...

And every last one was perfectly matched and ready for more pinning..
And alas, I can no longer follow the old ways... I must not go to the dark side.

For as Yoda says.

Ugh... More steps more time... But it means precision piecing at the end.  I give up, and now I must unlearn all of my bad habits.. One step at a time.

So now I trim pin and iron...


  1. Hahaha! You funny. I hope the force stays with you my friend. ox

    1. Lisa, I realized that I was not following the force that is strong within me... I was allowing myself to succumb to the dark side.. Lmao so DO I MUST, to improve and grow I must lmao