September 30, 2013

Quilters Took Manhattan this weekend

What do you get when you mix classes taught by renowned quilters, vendors, presentations, wicked, garment and museum tours, silent auctions, raffles, door prizes, cocktails after dark and a rock em shock em Quilt Match?

You get the third annual... Bigger and better... Quilters Take Manhattan brought to you by the Quilt Alliance.  If you were unable to be here in person, hopefully you were one of the lucky home viewers that had a birds eye view of the highlights.

Without further delay... Here is the weekend in photographic review.

Friday night, awaiting the rest of the Quilty crew for dinner.  Michele snuggled under a Victoria special.

Saturday morning set up. Packing the car at The City Quilter... Driving to FiT for drop off and set up.

It takes a village to set up.  Luke Haynes and Marie Bostwick lugging the goodies.

It's like old home week as I get to see my Queeps... Gogo Kim is in town.

Lovely board members of Quilt Alliance. Including Victoria.. The reason quilters are still taking Manhattan.  Fabulous idea to make it a yearly event.

Quilters have a sense of humor... Mark Lipinski with Marie B.

Yummy cherrywood 

The queen of cherrywood herswlf.. Karla..

Amazing presentation by Hollis Chatelain.

Robin Schwalb... Love it..

Quick pic of my two quilts for twentieth anniversary.

Quilters take Manhattan after fave part of the day.  This year we had the quilt match... Heather Jones, Mark Lipinski and Luke Haynes.

He has me as the secret weapon.  Letter cutter extraordinaire.

Mark won the title.

Makin letters fly in record ruler needed.. Smiles

Everyone needs a leg up in any competition... Quilty assistant.

Sunday morning embellishment with Frances Holliday Alford.

Some of her work.

And whew.  There was so many more great pics.. But well, I would hate to note ya.. Smiles

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