January 29, 2012

Gifts for the Hostess

Wow! What day is it? This has been one of the busiest weeks of the year. The NYS Bar Association has their annual meeting this week every year. I have become accustomed to being busy, as a result. But, somehow this year was a lot different. Still Chair the same things and serve on the same number of committees etc, however I believe there were meatier issues on the table and they required much more energy.

Anyway this is cocktails and thread, and while there were lawyers and loads of cocktails, I am sure you are wondering where does the thread fit in. Well this is also the week that my Rochester buddy comes down for the annual meeting and stays with me. She and I were also in Houston at the festival. She is a QB "quilting buddy". So there was a stop at our fave city quilt shop, and fabric lusting and pawing.

She usually stays through the weekend, but had to head back Friday to make her 20th annual girls quilting retreat in Florida. Anyway, with all that went on this week, we managed to touch fabric, discuss ideas, and looked through quilting books. We didn't gt a chance to sew this time, but will make it up in a couple of months, March to be exact, as I head upstate for a Bar meeting.

Now, on to the title of the post. Thursday when I returned from a dinner I saw this hanging on my chair. It was the bag with a card attached, and then when I picked it up, I realized it was not empty. Opened it to find some scrumptious fabric. Followed by an hour of ideas for what can be done with it. Funny enough, she also knows how much I adore the fabric that the bag was made from. I have it in several color ways, worked on a quilt while she was here a couple years ago with the same pattern. So it is extra special.

Thank you KW for being a wonderful colleague and dearest friend. Heaven knows we loooooove fabric.


  1. Yummy bag and fabric! What a great friend. Can't wait to see you Saturday! ox

  2. Beautiful bag... beautiful buddy... lucky you!