January 13, 2012

Fiber Love

I was reacquainted with my first love, knitting. Had a chance to hang with some fabulous ladies. Thanks Michele for the entry.
Vogue Knitting Live is at the Hilton NYC.

As you scroll through the pics you will see some lovelies wearing what appears to be a scarf. It is actually yarn from loopfiberstudios.com. Hmmm shall i even take the time to knit it up. Eh why bother, V wrapped it around her neck, fabulous, and we all biught one. You will also see a pic that has a tag saying "show me the money". That is real money from the treasury spun into the fibers. Talk about a true baller, "knitting" with real benjamins. Lol.

Stephanie Gorin's stuff is amazing.

Speaking of amazing, that lovely colorful man is called "Amazing" by Lion Brand Yarn.

There are also some dress forms decorated with some yummy yarns. Sweetness. Talk about a fix, woo hoo a wonderful evening.

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  1. I would love it all too! You guys are having tons of fun and I just love Yarn man!