January 16, 2012

What was I thinking....

Isn't it funny how you plan things and they never seem to turn out the way you painstakingly planned.  Well that was this weekend.  It was a fantastic weekend, so I am in no way complaining.  It started with the Vogue Knitting Live at the Hilton NYC.  An evening of fun and laughter with the ladies. (See posts from that day.)  Then it continued with hanging out for drinks with friends after.

My Saturday was filled with meetings and "baby" love.  I ended up breaking out the knitting needles on Saturday night to whip up something for a dear friend.  Yes it was finished by the morning.  That was a wonderful intermission.  It allowed me to be able to focus on the 15minutes of play BOM quilt that is due on Wednesday.  And that brings me back to "what was I thinking".  I managed to complete all of the blocks by GAME time on Sunday.  So at that point, I thought I was right on schedule.  Then the game ended up being a longer night of hanging out with friends...So there was not stitching when I got in Sunday night.

This morning I was up at the crack of dawn...and the machine started to whir.  And thats when the plans grew a mind of their own.  I was going for simple, straight forward, quilting.  Blocks were chosen, the quilt was sketched out, the layout and all.  Then....the ideas came.  (Darn that knitting intermission.)  The details just kept getting more and more ornate.  At one point< i had to chuck a few ideas, because there was no way I would be able to finish it by the January 18 deadline.

So, I plowed ahead....and the top is finally complete.  The back is finally pieced together.  I am exhausted, as I worked non stop from 8 am till 7pm, with only a 30 minute food break...smiles.. whew.

A two hour errand run to prepare for the week and the back was pieced by 10pm.  So, I decided to pack it up and baste it during lunch tomorrow.  But then I have to quilt it...Yikes...and the ideas developed there as well, including a run to Michaels to get some perle cotton.  Yea, ha lets see if I get that far...ha ha ha...

So here is what I have thus far.....I am excited...so I started this back when (I posted on the 15 minutes site....when I made a few with the simple idea in mind.)

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