April 29, 2011

Victoria's Abstracts in Fabric Show Opens for all too see....

I am so excited, I went to the opening of Victoria's show last night.  Through the storm and all...smiles.  It was truly a wonderful sight to see.  She is very special to me.  In case I have not told the story....my beginning days of quilting began in January 2000 when a work colleague's wife had a dream that she would revolutionize the world with a quilting bee.  (No, seriously in December 1999 she had the dream, and that's really what she said...it went along with empowering women, etc..)  Anyway, in January 2000 about 9 of us met at her house on East 86th Street, NYC armed with a book "Quilting for Dummies", quilting needles, fabric, and thread.  We read through the book, decided on our projects, and agreed to meet monthly to quilt, sew, and talk.

A year later, we had completed some projects, others fell off, and we sort of disbanded, but my desire was stoked.  I went on to find other groups and classes to expand my skills, and then I created Cocktails and Thread after taking a sewing class near the bowery.  The name came up because we always went for drinks  after our class, and by our second series of classes, we began to bring a bottle of wine or a wine cooler, to sip as we stitched...  Now, as life happens, people come and go but I continued to quilt, and sew and teach knitting etc.

In about 2007 I met a fellow quilter through the New York State Bar Association, so then I had a pal to chat with about all things quilting.  Over the years, her and I would meet after our events and go to see all things quilt related, i.e., quilt exhibitis, fabric shops, quilt shops, quilt classes.  This is still ongoing.  However, late last year I realized that I wanted to be in a community of quilters.  The problem was, I was never in a guild, never sought out a guild, because I was not sure I would belong.  I was not a "traditional" quilter, I never took quilting classes, etc. and I simply was not sure.

So with the use of the trusty internet I began googling quilting groups and guilds.  I saw the Empire Quilt Guild (which I am now a happy member, and realize I could have been getting discounts from my favorite Quilt shop all those years...).  I was a bit overwhelmed because they were so large and organized, that I was not sure if that would work for me.

So I searched some more, and then I found a group on ning called the NYC MetroMod Quilters and they also had a blog.  I joined ning...drooled over the blog and decided I wanted to hang with them.  I reached out and met a lovely person named Victoria, also known as BumbleBeans, Inc.   I went to my first meeting in October, armed with my woven strip, and I was excited.  The people were so wonderful, welcoming, exciting, interesting, and just truly amazing.  They are indeed a talented group...And Queen V was especially encouraging and welcoming...so I was hooked...

So, as you see I am soooo thrilled and pleased to attend her show...and am so happy to say that I know the woman that created these lovely works of art.


  1. Beautiful photo of you two! Enjoyed your quilting story very much. This "hobby" of ours is more than making quilts. Making connections is such a great joy, and you have a great many.

  2. The quilts look fantastic! Must be wonderful to see them for real. Really like the name of your blog.

  3. Carol...thanks...I must say I loooovee the colors of the piece you are working on, as well as the one in the back...what kind of fabric is that..stunning...