April 27, 2011

The Past Redone...

A peek into another road that I am being drawn too.  Revisiting the old, the archaic, the ancient, the seasoned, the true art of quilting.  I have found myself drawn to the patterns and blocks of yore.  Even more strange, I have transitioned from the love of bright and bold..to interestingly muted...much of the color pallette reminiscent of the Civil War Era. 

I know that people change, taste change, the creative eye changes...but I believe it is a deeper pull.  As I continue to grow and explore and challenge myself in this medium of "Quilts".  I realized that I did not have a formal introduction to quilting.  Not to say that there was a requirement, or that many others may not have sort of stumbled into it...but I was called "Encyclopedia" for a reason...I love books and history and seeking answers and information. 

So, now I find myself seeking Information about the Quilt, the Process, the Design, the formation, the structure.  Now of course that is a bit contradictory, since I have followed a pattern ONCE in my life, and almost followed another, and deviated at the last moment.  I have recently overcome the fear of  paper piecing to some extent.  That hurdle was jumped because of the pull to the traditional block.

My quilting group, NYC MetroMod, has a June block challenge to take a traditional block and make it something else...So clearly I am being pulled into the traditional block.

The Past Redone, will be my challenge to myself to do the traditional with an identification and incorporation of My Flavor/Taste...Funny thing about that...is that I don't even know what that Flavor/Taste is.  So off I go exploring...and as my trusty compass...I found the most incredible book... and it came yesterday...I stayed up an extra hour...just to begin reading it....it has over 4,050 pieced blocks for quilters...Let the JOURNEY BEGIN....


  1. I love all of the quilt blocks on the book cover! I still have to figure out which block to make for the June challenge...have to work on that!

  2. I am sure i can provide you with some ideas...but you know who has great stuff....quilterscache.com....that's where i may look...templates and all...this book is about drafting them etc...yikes...smiles...