April 4, 2011

Ahh the Satisfaction of A Mountain Climbed

What has me so thrilled you ask.  Well, I realize now in this quilting realm...that everything is only as difficult as you  make it.  And for the most part, you have to be okay with horrible results to help you overcome your fears.  So it began with paper pieceing.  I have no idea why I have had a major mental block about this.  And as such a major trepidation at the idea.  Perhaps it was the purchase of a book that promised some nouveau method, i.e, flip flop paper piecing...Oh how much time you will save...yadda yadda yadda...

As a result, I had been paralyzed with fear and belief that it was not something I could/would achieve...crisp points, lovely seams, amazingly intersected pieces...all so wonderfully precise.   I dived in today and got over it real fast.  I must say that being in a quilting community helps you to overcome those oddly misplaced phobias.  It began with the feathers...check...and done..and now I am feeling much better about it.  Then it was this paper piecing...now I must admit...i did that too...and now I feel relieved and totally empowered.   I will do more of this Paper Piecing...I actually like the precision of it.  More importantly...I like that I can create my own images...ooooooo...lovely concept...No more will I fear the Paper...it has become my friend...Thanks Victoria, Andrea and Kim.  Dave...you can do it...smiles.


  1. Looking great! Paper piecing? A fate worse than death, iMO. This is more like it!

  2. I am trying...smiles...yes i know ah the horror...paper piecing...but oh so precise a finished product...if done right...smiles