August 10, 2011

The ULTIMATE BLOCK PARTY...when the Quilters "TOOK" Manhattan

Victoria (American Alliance of Quilters [AAQ] Board Member, NYC Metro Mod Quilters Guild Pres..and so much more...)  I call her Queen B.

First Season Winner of Project Runway, Jay McCarroll on the right..

Hanging with the Fon's...Daughter Mary ( and Mother Marianne (of the famed Fons and Porter)

AAQ Board Member and Quilter Luke Haynes

Paula Nadelstern with a captive audience.

Timeless Treasures very own Chelsea Peluso

Yes she was really here...and I was so name tag..

Amy Milne, AAQ's Executive Director extraordinare...

NYC MMQ's very own Jackie Kunkel (canton village works) with Mary Bostwick (fiction writer..)

Showing off their auction wins...

Admiring Jay's Bag

Luke Haynes..AAQ Board Member and Piece that was Auctioned off

AAQ Board Member Victoria Findlay Wolfe's piece that was auctioned off.

AAQ Board Member Frances Holliday Alford's piece for auction...I met her...she is amazing....

Another AAQ board member's piece

AAQ Board Member Allison Aller...Auctioned and sold...smiles

Yes, it was an amazing Saturday night.  I am not sure what was more decadent...the fact that I was surrounded by so many incredibly talented people, or that I was able to sip wine and eat food while around allllll of that fabric.  Ha...It was indeed a treat...

The weekends goodie bags was an added bonus...well you all know by now that I won the Go Baby fabric cutter the Friday night at modern stories...but the bags were filled with quilt kits by bernatex, aurafil thread...magazines...thimbles, fusible stuff, and all sorts of goodies...Fabuuuuuuulllous...

And then...there was Sunday Sew Day with my NYC Metro Mod folks..stay tuned for those lovely pics...and day of sewing fun...

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  1. All the photos are just fabulous!! I love them all. I hope that you have been breaking in that GO! Cutter.