August 5, 2011

Hexy from a Stash...

Thanks to patchwork in the park , er um Starbucks...I began a Hexy quilt with my stations...Thanks to "The Red Headed Mermaid", I started slicing into fabric that had not seen the light of day...Dare I say trip down memory lane...  It was a bit scary at first.

I was afraid that I would need every stitch of that fabric I bought seven years ago to finish the project that I thought I was going to do...but now forgot why I bought the fabric.  Then, I thought, my what lovely goodies, I will use all of this for some new idea.  Then I remembered what she said she told herself, "Its just five won't make much of a difference."  So, I began to hack away...

This is where I am now....and I am loving the idea...and still have another section to, find, and cut up the fabric thats in the stash.

1 comment:

  1. See how great that hexie quilt is going to be!!! A trip down memory lane every time you look at it. And might I add, you have been busy, busy, busy! I am very impressed. oxo