August 19, 2011

Stash O Hexy

 I have to admit...I am loving the EPP.  Thank you to the Red Headed Mermaid...she got me into my stash.  (Remember from the Patchwork in Starbucks, she cut a piece from every fabric in her stash.)  It has been a liberating experience.  I have found that it feels better than touching my sewing machine at times.  Its mindless, no concerns, and I can drift away into my clouds.  I actually feel like I am reliving the fabric purchasing experiences.

So amidst the turmoils of this week...lets just take a moment and say god is great...all the time..and now I shall Breathe...Family emergencies do take there toll on you.  But I am happy to report...all is as well as it could could have been oh so much worse.  Family member hit while on a bike...cracking windshields...and guess head injury about gods grace and mercy...the lower thats all torn up..but he's mobile to some extent...perhaps lots of surgeries in the future...but moving about for now...whew...

So about the stash of Hexy.  I strongly recommend this project to everyone who had the "Fabric is to Good  to Use Blues."  I am sure I posted somewhere about that...if i find it, i will link it.  Anyway, for those of you that understand..or suffered from this dilemma...its when you buy fabric...and its wonderful and great...and set aside for that special project...and the special project doesn't happen and then it becomes just that really nice fabric that might be used someday.  Well thats the its too good to use blues...and the red headed's idea is the perfect medicine for that.  It begins with just cutting a 5 inch square off.  You do this from each piece of fabric in your stash and create your EPP hexy from it, or whatever you choose.

Its liberating..cuz guess what...after you cut into is not as crisp and untouchable anymore...and now its fair this is where i am...and ohhhh soo many more pieces to go....what fun...

Stay tuned to my posts about the Antique Feed Sacks.....

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  1. That's my girl, cut away, cut away!! Looking great. Think how big it will be even only at 5" per cut. Hahaha!

    I am so sorry to hear about your relative's accident. You are so right, thank god every minute that he okay and will recover. Very scary, must have had an angel on his shoulder.